Friday, January 20, 2012

Facts & figures that u should know!!!

Hi u all..this is my first time am using blog..i want to say Happy Chinese New Year for those who will celebrate..Take care and drive home carefully with the good days to be spent with ur family..but careful!!! the weather now is uncertain..sometime raining, cloudy with scattered thunderstorms or mayb u will facing with is ur preparation???planning ahead before are some tips that i want to share wit u all especially for the drivers.. not the driver

Have u Maintenance ur car Before a Road Trip???
How to tune up your car for long drives???For a road's essential for good mileage to tune up the car right??? the most important things to do is an oil change and air filter are some other recommended car maintenance before a road trip to ensure your car is running smoothly on the highways...ok..About the tyres..what information's did u know about it???tell me..not all of us know about it right??let me tell u about safety of tyre..
  • Temperature resistance 
These letters indicates a tyre's resistance to heat. From the highest to lowest, 
a tyre's resistance to heat is graded as "A", "B", or "C". as shown below..

  • Manufacturing date 

Tyres has a 4 years validity period. Expired tyres may burst while in use.
  • Max. load capacity & tyre speed symbol
Number indicates the max. load that can be carried by the tyre. 
 Symbol indicates the max. speed at which a tyre is designed to
be driven for extended periods of time.
  • Trade wear
This number indicates the tyre's wear rate.The higher the tread wear number is,
the longer it should take for the tread to wear down. For example,
a tyre graded 400 should last twice as long as a tire graded 200. 
  • Traction
This letter indicates a tyre's ability to stop on wet pavement. A higher graded
tyre should allow you to stop our car on wet roads in a shorter distance
than a tyre with a lower grade. Traction is graded from highest to
lowest as "AA","A", "B", and "C".

Place a 50sen coin in the tyre tread as shown.

If u can see the word “SEN”, that mean the tread are worn out & u need to replace it..
tadaaaa..tired or not???hahahah..u all must be tired right????at least i had share something with u luck : ) have a nice trip..